Sports Massage

Massage is a natural, safe and effective way of relieving stress and pain whilst also promoting general well being. All Evolution masseurs are qualified professionals with a range of qualifications, offering sports, pre and post sport and Swedish massage.

  • Aching muscles?
  • Painful joints?
  • Suffering from tension?
  • Sporting injury?
  • Not back to full fitness?

Imagine finishing a hard day’s work or training, having a massage is a treat that alleviates the discomfort of everyday and occupational stresses through the gentle power of touch.

Imagine having every single knot, bump and bead of tension slowly worked out of your tense, tired muscles by our professional therapists in comfortable and relaxed surroundings.

Imagine by the time we’ve finished your body is feeling relaxed, supple and stress free…it’d be great wouldn’t it…?

Massage is a natural, safe and effective way of relieving stress and pain whilst also promoting general well being!

  • Improves Circulation - by increasing the rate of flow of blood and promotes increased lymphatic drainage
  • Improves Posture - by loosening contracted muscles, and stimulating weaker muscles
  • Improves Healing - promotes recovery from fatigue and healing of injuries also reducing scar tissue giving you a stronger repair
  • Improves feeling of well-being – reduces stress and tension bringing about enhanced feelings of relaxation

Massage offered

Sports Massage – a deep tissue massage conditioning the muscle for the purpose of increased performance and to aid recovery and injury prevention. Sports massage is not only for high performance sports people but also for those who enjoy a deeper massage.

Pre/Post Sport – pre sport massage helps you to be better prepared for activity by stimulating blood flow and warming up the muscles leading to increased performance. Post sport massage helps soothe and condition aching muscles which promotes faster recovery enabling you to get back to your chosen activity quickly.

Evolution are the providers of sports massage services to The Princes Trust Palace to Palace ride and F3 Events (duathalons, triathalons and running races). You can find our massage tent at any F3 event. Kevin is a sports masseur to several pro triathletes and TV celebrities.

Sports Massage Therapy is used to support anyone who is participating in an active fitness regime. You don't have to be a professional sports person to benefit from Sports Massage Therapy. As the body acclimatises to new fitness activities, injury can sometimes occur. We offer Sports Massage Therapy to support the rehabilitation process from injuries - minor or major. We will combine this with the best  exercises and fitness programmes to ensure that the appropriate muscle groups are strengthened in support of the rehabilitation of the injury.

Swedish Massage - Swedish massage is a soothing and relaxing therapeutic massage that is beneficial even when there is no specific problem or injury. It benefits those with postural pain, stiff necks, shoulders and backs caused by everyday activities and stressors. 


Our therapists are qualified professionals that have diplomas in anatomy and physiology, are to REPS level 3 (the highest in the industry) for personal fitness training and are registered with IIST, IIHHT & SMA for body massage, Swedish Massage and Sports Massage Therapy.


Our prices start at £25 - please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Massage Options Cost
Initial consultation plus massage £55 .00
60 minute massage £45.00
30 minute massage £25.00