Welcome to Evolution Personal Training

At Evolution Personal Training we take a fun approach to health and fitness. We recognise that for many people getting fit and staying fit can feel like a chore. But fitness can be fun and we make it our aim to work with you so that you can achieve a healthy balanced way of life.

We focus specifically on what's needed for you…after all it is PERSONAL training! Within that your personal trainer will hold you accountable for what you want to achieve and will support you with plenty of motivation along the way.

Created by Kevin Wallace, Evolution Personal Training caters for all your needs and requirements whether you are an individual looking for some training support or a company interested in keeping their staff healthy and happy. With one of our personal trainer specialists, we can design the best programme for you.

With a diverse client base from busy mums to celebrities and sports people we have the ability to train you at your level and get the results you deserve. A friendly approach makes the experience even more enjoyable whilst ensuring you are getting the best from your workouts.

Personal training is great value for money, as programs are tailored to maximise your time and effort, and achieve the results you want.  Find out more about the cost of the packages available from Evolution.

Kevin Wallace

Kevin started the running club through lack of ability and following a serious knee injury which prevented him from playing football any more. He hated running on his own so decided to get a few people to run with him. The result is more than 150 members!

Kevin takes the Intermediate and Advanced groups and uses his personal training skills to vary the activities each week. He is a bit of a joker and often squirts his water bottle at unsuspecting passers by. Since starting the club Kevin has qualified in British Triathlons respected coaches course covering running, swimming and coaching.